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From blazes to bushfires, here’s how FSA FIRECOAT paint will help communities protect their homes.

Created by Professor Guan Yeoh and his team of engineers at UNSW, FSA FIRECOAT is a fully accredited fire-retardant paint that protects homes, buildings and other assets during exposure to flames. The fire protective paint, which has passed stringent testing both locally and abroad, is the first of its kind and is now commercially available throughout the country.

After five years of collaboration alongside industry partner Flame Security International (FSI), Prof. Yeoh, and his team of three full-time research fellows, created the ground-breaking paint to help Australians protect their homes in a simple, accessible, and affordable way.

Using specialised polymer technology, FSA FIRECOAT can be applied as an undercoat to both internal and external structures, and works on a range of materials including brick, timber, aluminium, steel, concrete and plasterboard. Once flames hit these structures – a dense char layer is formed, which sticks to the wall and ensures flames go no further. “It’s a carbon layer that acts as a fire barrier and gives you additional protection,” explains Prof. Yeoh. Following a fire event, homeowners then scrape off the carbon layer, clean and prep the affected surface area, and simply re-apply the paint. Read more

Increasingly, Australia's vulnerability to extreme weather conditions, and the frequency of major bushfires, are major risks to homes in bushfire prone areas.

The University of New South Wales’ Professor Guan Yeoh and his team have developed a suite of innovative fire protection and suppression technologies that will better safeguard homes and effectively minimise exposure to fire threats.  

Professor Yeoh is world renowned in the field of fire safety and his innovations are helping to keep people and property safe. Importantly among these innovations has been the development and commercialisation of FSA FIRECOAT paint (sold at Bunnings), which insulates a building when exposed to flames.

FSA FIRECOAT protects people, structures and the environment from fire and other threats, and has received global certifications for safety and fire-retardancy.

Finalist - Professor Guan Yeoh, Read more

Despite the topsy-turvy weather currently battering Australia’s east coast, home owners are being warned about the potential dangers of bushfires once more in 2024.

El Nino has indeed been declared by the Bureau of Meteorology, with dry and drought-like conditions expected in the coming weeks and beyond.

The clearing of vegetation and trees, namely dead branches and leaves, is pivotal to weathering bushfire season. Permits may have to be obtained in certain areas to move branches, but a quick enquiry with local council should assist in finding out for where you are.

Developed by the UNSW, FSA FIRECOAT is the world’s first fire-retardant paint. Certified at a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) 40, the material is able to withstand higher levels of radiant heat and ember attack during bushfire, further increasing a home’s ability to withstand extreme fire conditions. Read more

A new fire-retardant paint that expands and creates a protective insulating layer during fire events is now on sale at Bunnings for around $39 a litre. 

Formulated by engineers at UNSW Sydney, the paint passed the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) 40 standard which is used to assess resistance of materials to fire.  

The FSA FIRECOAT brand paint was developed in partnership with Flame Security International, and partially funded by an Australian government grant. UNSW Professor Guan Yeoh led a team that spent nearly five years perfecting the formula.  

The resulting intumescent paint is designed to expand as a result of heat exposure. Chemicals in the water-based pale grey undercoat paint also produce a thick layer of char which offers an insulating barrier to deflect the heat from the fire.    

“The char is what helps the substrate, that is your house or your building, stay protected from the fire,” says Mr Yeoh said. “At the end you can just wipe it away and the wood underneath has virtually no damage.”   

Insurers contacted by insuranceNEWS.com.au said they don’t currently ask underwriting questions related to fireproof paint but welcomed the measure and said it could potentially have a favourable impact on premiums.  Read more

A new fire-retardant paint, formulated by engineers at UNSW Sydney, has become the first to pass a stringent Australian standard test that simulates a bushfire attack.

The paint, which is now on sale at selected Bunnings stores, achieved the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) 40 standard which assesses the bushfire resistance of buildings and construction materials.

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