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Justin Rooney, Managing Director of Flame Security International, speaks to Neil Mitchell on 3AW’s Neil Mitchell show. Listen here

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An Australian start-up has invented the world’s most fire protective paints, which can help save homes and in turn, lives.

FIRECOAT has been created in Australia in conjunction with world leading scientists and engineers from the University of New South Wales (UNSW). The paints, which have passed stringent testing both here and in the US, are a world first and are now available for consumer purchase from Bunnings.

Australia is the most fire prone country on the planet and the release of these ground breaking products can help Australians being urged to prepare for the most significant bush fire season since the 2019/2020 Black Summer.

FIRECOAT can be applied by everyday Aussies and is the culmination of many years of dedicated research and development in partnership between Flame Security International and the UNSW as well as funding support from the Federal Department of Industry, Science and Resources.

“The release of Flame Security International’s fully accredited fire retardant paints can help protect the walls of buildings and other assets from direct exposure to flames and extreme radiant heat,” said FSI’s Managing Director, Justin Rooney.

Rated to BAL-40 Extreme fire protection

Lyn Gunter is the former Mayor of Murrindindi Shire; she was Mayor at the time of the Black Saturday fires when 173 people lost their lives. “Coming into this summer’s bushfire season, we need to be doing more to protect our communities. These new paints are something I would urge every Australian to use. Make painting your home with FIRECOAT part of your bushfire prevention plan.”

“Together with FSI, the team from UNSW’s world leading Training Centre for Fire Retardant Materials and Safety Technologies conceived, planned, developed and tested their effective but affordable and viable solutions to the global challenge of fire risk,” said leading fire engineering scientist, Professor Guan Yeoh, from the UNSW.

“This can make a difference not only to the cost of building in affected areas, but also the potential risks to life and property. The paint can be applied as an undercoat to most external and internal surfaces, including brick, existing render, timber, aluminium, steel, concrete and plasterboard. It can last as long as the protective layer of top coat paint is maintained. It is non toxic and won’t irritate eyes or skin on contact if used per the label. You can apply the paint by brush, roller or spray and simply clean up afterwards with water,” said Justin.

Samantha Gash lives with her family in the Dandenong Ranges and is using FIRECOAT to protect her home. “Anything that adds a layer of protection to my property and to my family is a no brainer.”

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