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Frequently Ased Questions about Firecoat

FSA FIRECOAT is a tough and durable water-based undercoat paint designed for both interior and exterior applications. FIRECOAT Exterior is uniquely rated to BAL-40 for extreme fire protection, making it ideal for areas prone to bushfires.

FIRECOAT Exterior undercoat paint is a world-first, rated to a BAL-40 for extreme fire protection. No other paint globally has achieved this rating. FIRECOAT Exterior has been certified to deter ignition, burning, and flaming caused by wind-borne embers, debris, exposure to flames, and high heat flux. It provides significant protection for your property and belongings in high-risk bushfire-prone areas.

FIRECOAT Interior is classified as EN 13501-1 (Bs1/d0) in accreditations EN 13823 & EN ISO 11925-2. This represents the highest flame-retardant rating for internal paint.

The BAL rating is the Australian standard for measuring the risk of a home’s exposure to ember attack, radiant heat, and direct flame contact. There are six levels of the BAL rating based on a materials ability to withstand increasing fire severity. BAL-40 means FIRECOAT can protect buildings in extreme fire conditions. See the ‘technical and education’ page for more details.

FIRECOAT offers the highest level of protection of any paint on the market today. No other paint has achieved a BAL-40 rating.

FIRECOAT is water-based and non-toxic. It is safe for human handling and will not irritate eyes or skin upon contact.

FIRECOAT Exterior will last at least 10 years when applied to exterior surfaces as instructed, with or without a topcoat.

FIRECOAT is applied in the same manner as any other undercoat paint. To ensure maximum fire protection, apply it to the specified minimum thickness.

Do not thin FIRECOAT.

Only apply and cure FIRECOAT when the temperature is at least 10 °C with good air circulation and a relative humidity no greater than 75%.

FIRECOAT is water-based.  Brushes and rollers can be cleaned like any other water-based paints.

We recommend the following equipment for ease of application:

  • Brush: Use top quality polyester/nylon blend brush or similar.
  • Roller: Use 20mm or greater polyester blend nap roller.

Airless spray: Use airless spray with a minimum 1 GPM rating at 3000 psi such as Graco 795, 1095 or similar. Tip: 521-623 or similar with pressure of 2100 psi or higher.  Due to the unique properties of FIRECOAT it is important to use an airless spray gun with the right specification as others may clog.

FIRECOAT Exterior is light grey and FIRECOAT Interior is white. You can easily paint over it with your choice of topcoat, just like any other undercoat paint, to achieve your desired colour.

There are numerous variables in a bushfire situation. While using FIRECOAT will substantially improve the protection of your home from bushfire threats, your property is not warranted against burning in the event of a bushfire.

No. At the moment there is no insurance solution in place, however given the efficacy of the product it would be a logical future step.

FIRECOAT can be applied over existing paint, however prior to application all surfaces should be clean, dry, free from dust, oil, wax, grease, dirt, resin and any loose or flaking paint. Existing coatings with poor adhesion must be completely removed. Timber moisture content should not exceed 15%.

Store at temperature between 5-35°C and store away from direct sunlight and extreme heat. Keep containers closed when not in use and keep out of reach of children and pets.

4 to 5 hours, based on a day of around 24°C, with good air circulation and a relative humidity below 50%.

Under cooler or humid conditions allow longer drying times. Temperature must be above 10°C during application and drying times.

Make sure the paint is thoroughly dry to touch before applying the next coat. Failure to do so may lead to cracking and peeling between coats. Full hardness is achieved after 7 days.

Do not pour leftover paint down the drain. Unwanted paint should be brushed out on newspaper and allowed to dry, and then disposed of via domestic waste collections. Empty containers should be left open in a well-ventilated area to dry out. When dry, recycle through local recycle programs. Do not reuse the container unless thoroughly decontaminated. For more information on responsible disposal of paint and packaging visit paintback.com.au.

FIRECOAT has been designed by scientists from University of New South Wales and proudly manufactured in Australia.

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