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Image of a structure that has been protected by FSA Firecoat

Saving homes and lives with fire protective paint

Tue 06 Feb 2024

From blazes to bushfires, here’s how FSA FIRECOAT paint will help communities protect their homes.

Created by Professor Guan Yeoh and his team of engineers at UNSW, FSA FIRECOAT is a fully accredited fire-retardant paint that protects homes, buildings and other assets during exposure to flames. The fire protective paint, which has passed stringent testing both locally and abroad, is the first of its kind and is now commercially available throughout the country.

After five years of collaboration alongside industry partner Flame Security International (FSI), Prof. Yeoh, and his team of three full-time research fellows, created the ground-breaking paint to help Australians protect their homes in a simple, accessible, and affordable way.

Using specialised polymer technology, FSA FIRECOAT can be applied as an undercoat to both internal and external structures, and works on a range of materials including brick, timber, aluminium, steel, concrete and plasterboard. Once flames hit these structures – a dense char layer is formed, which sticks to the wall and ensures flames go no further. “It’s a carbon layer that acts as a fire barrier and gives you additional protection,” explains Prof. Yeoh. Following a fire event, homeowners then scrape off the carbon layer, clean and prep the affected surface area, and simply re-apply the paint. Read more

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